Taiwan Mission Itinerary

2008 Taiwan Mission Itinerary  2008 FPC Taiwan Mission Team Names:  Rick Crews, Deacon Tammy Crews, Deacon Andy Tsuei, Kevin Wang, Justin Chang, Maria Yang, Wilson Hung, Jason Eng, Justin Tsuei, Anna Li





Info and Phone Number 

July 3rd Depart 7:03 AM Houston  United Airline Flight 377 Terminal A 
July 4th Arrive 5:30 PM Taipei, Taiwan   

July 4th

Depart 6:30 PM  Taipei  Chartered Bus 
July 4th Arrive  10:30 PM  Budai (Guogou) Email: Ruth.young@msa.hinet.net
Phone:  011886-(5)345-0471
Cell phone:   011886-922-093-119
July 12th Depart Afternoon Budai (Guogou) Via VGM transportation
July 12th Arrive Afternoon DongShi Email:   wychen@seed.net.tw
Phone:   011-886-(5)373-3913
Cell Phone:  011-886-911-656-992
July 19th Depart  Afternoon DongShi Chartered Bus
July 19th Arrive Evening Taipei Karen and JC house

7F,No 6, Lane 175, Da-An Rd,  
Phone:   011-886-(2)2705-1955
Cell Phone:  011-886-936-114-153

July 23rd Depart 12:00 Noon Taipei United Airline Flight 872
July 23rd Arrive 4:40 PM Houston United Airline Flight 714. Terminal A


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